Bun sgoil Ghaidhlig Phort Righ Portree Gaelic school

Our staff follow the advice given from Education Scotland:

“learning will firstly have a very strong focus on listening and talking in Gaelic through a play-based curriculum, which is widely evidenced to be the most appropriate approach for the development of young children’s early learning. Adults in the play and learning room have a key responsibility to use high-quality Gaelic to each other and to the children, both within the play and learning and beyond. Staff model high quality Gaelic to children and play alongside the children as an effective approach to learning, while at the same time speaking Gaelic all of the time. Staff have many roles in the Gaelic Medium playroom and classroom: care and nurture, model Gaelic, play, acting and using prompts to aid understanding, learn and teach. Staff are important role models for children and create an environment where Gaelic is valued and used all of the time. As children play, staff need to be working alongside and interacting with children to enable them to develop their knowledge and skills in Gaelic language while also following their interests, being creative and curious.”

-Advice on Gaelic Education – Education Scotland 2015

BSGP SA leaflet - New Start Guidance 2023-24.docx

Cleasan | PE

Sgoil-àraich children will take part in a minimim of 20 minutes physical activity each day. Please ensure children bring or wear trainers on the days that physical activity takes place in the gym.

Ionnsachadh a-muigh | Outdoor learning 

At BSGPR we understand the importance of outdoor learning and create curriculum linked outdoor learning experiences for our pupils on a daily bases. We provide waterproof suits for each child however, there is a chance that they may get dirty and wet from time to time. Appropriate outdoor clothing and a spare set of clothing should be handed into Sgoil-Àraich at the start of session in a bag with your child’s name displayed clearly on it.