Ar Prìomhachasan | Our Priorities

Bun sgoil Ghaidhlig Phort Righ Portree Gaelic school 

Ann am Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Rìgh tha sinn ag obair còmhla mar choimhearsnachd sgoile gus taic a thoirt do na sgoilearan a bhith soirbheachail anns an ionnsachadh aca, a bhith misneachail mu na nì iad, a bhith ciallach agus taiceil dha chèile agus a bhith

a’ gabhail pàirt ann an iomadh diofar ghnìomh. Tha sinn airson gun cleachd iad na dh’ionnsaicheas iad anns an sgoil, anns a’ choimhearsnachd agus ann an saoghal na h-obrach.

Tha a’ Ghàidhlig aig cridhe ar cultair agus ar beatha làitheil anns an sgoil. Tha ar comas air cànan a chleachdadh aig teis-meadhan gach nì: mar a tha sinn a’ cur ar faireachdainn an cèill, ar smuaintean, ar cuid ionnsachaidh agus an dòigh anns a bheil sinn gar faicinn fhèin. Tha sinn airson gum bi na sgoilearan, pàrantan agus an luchd-obrach cho moiteil dhen Ghàidhlig agus gun obraich sinn còmhla airson a leasachadh ann an iomadh dòigh.

In Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Rìgh, we work together as a school community to enable our pupils to be successful learners, to be confident about their achievements, and to support each other while engaging in a wide variety of activities. We encourage our pupils to utilise their skills in the school, in the community and in the wider world of the workplace.

Gaelic language is at the heart of our culture and of the daily life of our school. Our ability to use language lies at the centre of the development and expression of our emotions, our thinking, our learning and our sense of personal identity. Our aim is to ensure that our pupils, parents and staff share a common sense of pride in our Gaelic language and that we all work together to promote the language within our school and wider community.

Prìomh Sgrìobhainnean | Key Documents

BSGP Handbook 2024-25.pdf
BSGP SQR 23.6.23.docx
Employers Liability Insurance Certificate 2024 2025.pdf
Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance Certificate 2024 2025 (2).pdf

Gàidhlig | Gaelic

Summary of Advice on Gaelic Education - Education Scotland (ACC).docx

Bogadh | Immersion

It is our aim in Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Rìgh, to ensure our pupils are equally confident in their use of both Gaelic and English in a wide range of situations within and out with the school.

From Sgoil-Àraich till the end of Primary 3, children will be fully immersed in Gaelic so that they will have a firm foundation in the language and are approaching a level of fluency that will enable them to make appropriate progress across the entire curriculum.

From the end of Primary 3 onwards, in the immersion phase, the curriculum in its entirety will be taught through the medium of Gaelic across all four aspects of learning. Children will begin to read in English towards the end of Primary 3 and will also begin to write in English from Primary 4 onwards. Teachers will plan children’s learning to develop vocabulary connected to the different areas of the curriculum, language skills, grammar and an appreciation of Gaelic language and culture. In the immersion phase teachers will facilitate learning in all curriculum areas, including the newly introduced English, through the medium of Gaelic

Fileantachd | Fluency

During the total immersion phase, the development of grammar and specialist vocabulary will be embedded within learning and play through the use of high-quality Gaelic all of the time. Later and at the immersion stages, children will become more aware of the language development. Particular points of grammar and specialist vocabulary will be planned in programmes and courses across the curricular areas and contexts of the curriculum. In Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Rìgh all staff at all stages will work on reinforcing correct grammatical structures and correcting children’s language errors so that these errors do not become the norm.

Polasaidh Bogadh ann an Gaidhlig Bun-sgoil Phort Righ.docx
BSGP Error Correction Policy.docx

Curraicealam airson Sàr-mhathais | Curriculum for Excellence

Ar Curraicealam 2023-24.pptx
Skills-progression-framework - Gaidhlig.pdf
Skills Development Policy at BSGP.doc

Ar Sgoil

Luachan agus Amasan na Sgoile | Vision Statement and Aims

Nì clachan beaga tric càrn mòr uaireigin.

In Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Rìgh, we strive to be a school of excellence delivering high quality education through the medium of Gaelic to our pupils. Gaelic Medium Education is based on the principles of immersion with children accruing all the benefits of bilingualism.

We believe in the importance of equipping our learners with the skills and attitudes to prepare them for life, learning and work.

We aim to create a secure, happy and friendly environment where our learners are encouraged to develop academically, socially, emotionally and creatively to the best of their ability through the medium of Gaelic.

We have consulted on the aims below and they have been adopted by our school community:

1. To promote the Gaelic language and culture by:

• creating a positive whole school ethos towards our Gaelic language and culture and ensuring that the language and culture are valued and feature prominently in all aspects of school life

• ensuring our learners are equally confident in the use of Gaelic and English

• enabling our children to use both languages in a full range of situations within and out with school.

• giving opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of Gaelic culture as part of our local heritage and of Scotland’s identity

2. To maximise standards of attainment by:

• providing a curriculum which is structured yet flexible and changes with learners as they develop;

• ensuring our curriculum illustrates breadth, depth, challenge and balance in all areas;

• maintaining a coherent and progressive approach to teaching and learning;

• enhancing the ethos of achievement through recognising and celebrating the success of all;

• regularly monitoring progress and achievement

• raising attainment at all levels

To provide a quality learning environment which stimulates and motivates pupils by –

• using enterprising learning and teaching practices that encourage enthusiasm, creativity and ambition;

• encouraging positive attitudes in pupils towards themselves and others

• promoting the health and wellbeing of all members of the school community

• utilising the outdoors in order to provide quality outdoor education

3. To make effective provision for pupils with Additional Support Needs by-

• identifying and meeting pupils’ individual needs;

• involving pupils, parents and carers in the consultation process;

• assisting pupils in making optimum use of their abilities and educational opportunities.

4. To encourage partnership with parents/guardians and the community to enhance the quality of pupils learning and welfare by –

• supporting parents who wish to learn Gaelic or to develop their own skills and confidence in the Gaelic language.

• welcoming parents/guardians as active participants in the life of school;

• recognising the rights of parents/guardians to be informed consulted and involved in the education of their children.

• maintaining co-operative relationships with our Parent Council;

• promoting opportunities for pupils to develop enterprising skills through links with members of the local community.

5. To enhance professionalism of staff by –

• increasing the collegiate role of all staff;

• ensuring that all staff have opportunities for continuing professional development;

• undertaking CPD courses which respond to individual needs and school priorities;

• liaising with colleagues and staff in other schools to share good practice.

Luachan na Sgoile.pdf

Modh, Riaghailtean na Sgoile, Obair an Aghaidh Bhurraidheachd | School Rules, anti-bullying policy and Discipline

We believe that developing a responsible attitude and self-discipline is the responsibility of our school community. Our school rules are mainly concerned with the safety and well-being of our pupils. All adults and children within our school are expected to behave in a socially acceptable manner, to treat others with consideration and fairness, to show respect to each other and to visitors and to respect school property. Bad behaviour may result in the withdrawal of certain privileges. Parents / guardians will be informed of any serious breach of school rules or persistent bad behaviour. The school follows the advice given in the Highland Council’s anti-bullying policy.

Riaghailtean sgoile.docx