Matamataig | Mathematics

Bun sgoil Ghaidhlig Phort Righ Portree Gaelic school

The mathematics experiences and outcomes are structured within three main organisers, each of which contains a number of subdivisions:

Àireamh, airgead agus tomhas | Number, money and measure

Cumadh, suidheachadh agus gluasad | Shape, position and movement

Làimhseachadh fiosrachaidh | Information handling

Our aim is to ensure our children will experience success in mathematics and develop the confidence to take risks, ask questions and explore alternative solutions without fear of being wrong. They will enjoy exploring and applying mathematical concepts to understand and solve problems, explaining their thinking and presenting their solutions to others in a variety of ways.

At all stages, an emphasis on collaborative learning will encourage children to reason logically and creatively through discussion of mathematical ideas and concepts.