Obair-dhachaigh | Homework

Obair-dhachaigh | Homework

Homework helps to consolidate skills acquired in school and also aids with Gaelic language acquisition. Parents will be given a suggestion bank, should they wish to do more than the allocated amount. Daily reading, talking to your child about their day and playing with your child has also been proven to have a very positive effect on children’s learning.

It would be appreciated if parents could:

• check the homework diary on a daily basis for set homework activities and correspondence from school;

• check that homework has been completed;

• sign the homework diary on a daily basis. 

Homework Policy for Parents - BSGPR.docx

Taic le obair-dachaigh | Homework Support

For support with Gaelic homework, parents/guardians should visit www.gaelic4parents.com.

Useful information for parents and how to get involved in your child’s education, how to support the school, information on curriculum developments can all be found at Parentzone: https://education.gov.scot/parentzone/

Click on the links below to access BSGPR homework support.