Fiosrachadh-meidigeach | Medical information

Bun sgoil Ghaidhlig Phort Righ Portree Gaelic school

Cungaidh-leighis | Administration of Medicines

Parents/guardians are kindly requested to note that:

• A child may only take medication if the parent/guardian has completed the ‘Administration of Medicine’ form which is available from the school office.

• Only medication which has been prescribed by a medical professional can be administered by staff in school. The medication must contain instructions of dosage.

• Parents should deliver the medication to school.

Staff will only administer medication when there is clear written guidance from the parents on:

The name of the medicine

The quantity of the medicine to be given

The time it has to be given.

Parents/guardians of pupils with more complex health issues should meet with the Head Teacher and Class Teacher to complete a more detailed health plan.

Tubaist no Tinneas anns an Sgoil | Injury or Illness at school

Minor cuts or bruises are treated by members of staff in our well-equipped Medical Room. In cases of serious illness or injury, a parent/guardian of the pupil will be contacted to collect their child.

Mialan | Headlice

Unfortunately, head lice can be a problem within schools. Weekly wet combing is advisable for all children throughout their school years. If head lice are detected, Pharmacists are able to advise on the management of a head louse infection. Please remember that children are entitled to free prescriptions and insecticide lotions and the “Bug Buster” Kit (a non-insecticide alternative) are both available on prescription.

We would be grateful if you would contact us if you find your child has head lice. Children should be returned to school once they have been treated. We will contact you personally or by letter if we detect head lice and will be able to give advice and support about treatment. As a school we follow the Highland Council head lice policy which can be found below.

Head Lice Policy Highland Council.pdf

Cùram Slàinte | Health Care

The School Nurse attends the school regularly to carry out routine medical checks.

Parents are notified in writing, and are requested to be present at such examinations. The Speech and Language Therapist works with a small number of children identified as having specific speech problems. Parents are fully consulted in such cases.