Comhairle nam Pàrant | Parent Council 

Bun sgoil Ghaidhlig Phort Righ Portree Gaelic school

The Parent Council is a group of parents/guardians who are selected to represent all parents/guardians of children at our school. Currently the chairperson is Amy MacNab and Secretary is Rebecca Hodgetts.

The role of the parent council is:-

• To support the school in its work with parents

• To represent the views of all the parents

• To encourage links between the school, parents, pupils and the wider community 

To report back to the Parent Forum (every parent with a child at the school.)

Meetings are held in the school every term. Minutes of the meetings will be made available on our the Parent Council Google Classroom page.

Further information about the Parental Involvement Act 2006 and Parent Councils can be found at: